“Angie’s Cats”


Hello,  happy end of summer 2017!

There is an amazing new ZERO V.O.C. (volatile organic compound) art resin product called…..”ART RESIN” !

You’ll still need to wear nitrile gloves (probably dissolves latex) and goggles, w decent ventilation, (still probably not a bad idea to wear a respirator) but it’s much safer than most of the similar products out there, and it is very competitively priced.
It’s a little less viscous than the product I have been using, so it mixes easier, heats up a little faster, spreads evenly, is self leveling, produces fewer bubbles after pouring, and has a much longer work time… am finding it easier to cover all of the bubbles and “2.5D” dots in my work without missing spots, though most will require 2 coats for a healthy hi-gloss thickness. I usually wind up pouring 2 coats anyway from missed spots because I cannot see well.
Like most resins, it is NON-FLAMMABLE, and much better for the environment than using spray lacquers & polyurethanes. One coat of resin is equivalent to 20 to 50 coats of lacquer, depending on the thickness.            (1/8″ max per coat is recommended)
It is my hope that Art Resin will soon produce a 100% plant based resin, as plastics were first synthesized from plants, largely unknown to the public, before Big Oil took the helm of our impending doom. “They” say that we will have depleted all of the crude oil by 2050, what if those old dinosaurs were a cooling agent for the Earth’s crust, or perhaps a type of “liver enzyme” for it’s healthy function? Just sayin’…..we are ticks on a large dog, and perhaps the worst caretakers ever.
More plants = more oxygen, better air, cleaner fuel, almost limitless uses, endless benefits, wow, etc.
ArtResin is doing a fantastic job of spreading the word about their products and are available at Michaels, AMAZON, and many other major retail stores, as well as their own website, w free shipping on orders over $25.
I know the current product is probably not plant based…. (they have not responded yet as to what exactly is in it),  it produces a mild ammonia like smell, but is non-yellowing, and exhibits very minimal constriction.
There are many plant based resins available now, but they tend to be more expensive than petroleum based BPA products, and ArtResin’s price point is in between, and much less harmful than BPA products.
Wildly, I was contacted by ARTRESIN.COM to try their product about a week after being diagnosed w COPD, good times…..Life’s branding irony.
Anyway,  if you use resin already or have ever wanted to, give this stuff a try, it’s great for table tops, just level, mix, and pour. The edges can be blue taped and pulled off gently at half the cure time for a perfect edge or seam. Plus: FREE SHIPPING on orders over $25!  ARTRESIN.com !!!!!  I really like and highly recommend this product!

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Rocking Horse

Glow in the dark “Rocking Horse”.  Hand painted woodwork with about a hundred dots.

West Hollywood Magazine


West Hollywood Magazine’s Summer Issue on Local Art & Architecture, (Pg’s 69 & 70).

Photography of Glenn’s art by Paul Jonason

Wall of art at NCompass under blacklight.  Photo by: Paul Jonason


Fat Matt’s

The anniversary slab, 2015, Fat Matt’s Rib Shack.